Dec 11, 2010

Chanel lip swatches

when i was a kid, there was a big department store opening in my town. they also had these brand new displays of luxury cosmetic brands. i went there to look for some stationery.  but still the Chanel display attracted me, so i went straight to their lipsticks and slapped on some colour to feel mature ;)   i noticed how chapped my lips were, but i still let the lipstick on and went up to the stationery section. when i got home i had super-soft lips!
i was very impressed, as all the lipsticks i tried (for fun) until then always dried out my lips and made them chapping even more. so the Chanel lipsticks always stayed an enigma to me (they were CHANEL and should be too expensive to even be considered  buying to use as a chapstick).

some lip swatches of my Chanels (it took me over 10 years to find out they weren't that unachievable like i always thought...)

Rouge Coco in #37 Rose Dentelle
released with the fall collection as permanent addition to their new lipstick line. this is a coral hued pink. it has a cream satin finish with no shimmer. the texture of the Rouge Cocos is more on a dryer, velvety side, but it feels good on your lips. they stay smooth and moisturising quite a long time, about 4-5 hours.
a  Rouge Coco cost about 27€. they come in a classic metal tube.

Rouge Coco in #35 Chintz
also came out in fall 2010. it's a pinky-peach with micro-shimmers that you don't notice at all when applied but give the illusion of a little bit more glossiness.
swatched on hand, Rose Dentelle and Chintz look really similar, but as you can see on the lip swatches, Chintz appears lighter and peachier on the lips.

Rouge Allure in #187 Génial
the Rouge Allures retail for 29€ and come in metal tubes with a nice click-spring-mechanism to open. they are of silkier and more hydrating texture than the Rouge Cocos and have a shiny glossy finish.
Génial was part of last summer's collection. a bright bright coral pink.
this colour wears about 4 hours, but it fades evenly leaving a nice stain on your lips, so you don't have to worry about re-applying so much.

sheerly applied, 1 coat
applied more intense, 2 coats.

Rouge Allure Laque in #77 Santal
Rouge Allure Laques come in little lip-gloss tubes  of black glass with metal caps. each cost around 30€.
these i would call the Rouge Allure Laques a liquid lipstick but not a lipgloss, although it has lipgloss packaging with a special doe-foot-applicatior (it's head is a little bigger and adapt to your lips better than ordinary ones) and a liquid/cream texture.
it is more creamy with less glossiness to it than you would expect from a gloss. it has a shiny finish, is intensely pigmented and feels very moisturising and not sticky at all. it stays on for a good 3-4 hours.
Santal is a nudey-peach shade with little shimmer.

Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in #56 Imaginaire
their newest gloss-range. these sheer, non-sticky lip glosses that give your lips a light wash of colour without sparkly bits, so they are very discreet.  they stay on quite a long time, are moisturising and feel very light. they don't get into your fine lines (on my pics they seem to, but that's because i had a bit of foundation on my lips already, sorry for that) and make your lips look lush and soft.
they come in the same black glass bottle with metal cap as the Rouge Allure Laques, but longer. each cost about 29€. they have a nice applicator that adapts to the shape of your lips beautifully.
shade Imaginaire is a light bubblegum warm pink with no shimmer.

sorry for the line-creeping, but it's because i had foundation on my lips

Lèvres Scintillantes/Glossimer #146 Coral Love
sparkly lip gloss, some call it the dazzleglass for adults. this colour was also in the fall 2010 collection of Chanel. a coral which leans pink and a ton of gold sparkles. Glossimers apply quite sheer, you can layer them over another lipstick (i love it over Chintz or Rose Dentelle) but also wear it on its own for some shiny sparkeliscious.
texture of this is on the dryer side, i have to go into the tube several times to get a good amount of product on to my lips. but they last very long on your lips, about 3-4 hours.


  1. Génial sieht besonders schön aus ,leider hab ich den damals nicht gekauft


  2. Tolle Swatches :) danke. Ich hab mir heute das Extrait de Gloss in Emoi gegönnt und bin echt begeistert von dem Tragegefühl.


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